Examples of efficient production.
Brown-field planning of a production site

Reorganisation of a complete production site with a concept for the automation of logistics by an automated small parts warehouse and an AGV at the Böllhoff Group.

Mitarbeiter bei der Lastenheftbesprechung
Creation of a specification sheet for the introduction of an ERP system

WISTRO Elektro-Mechanik GmbH is a specialist for the production of industrial fans. GREAN supported in choosing an ERP system.

Plant structure planning and material flow concept

In order to implement the HETTICH Group’s growth strategy, a concept for the new production and logistics areas at the Exter site has been drawn up.

New planning of a logistics centre

As part of a relocation, the client planned to outsource all logistics activities to a newly created central warehouse.

Darstellung des modellhaften Produktionsstandortes
Production plant for laboratory instruments

Sartorius AG’s production of laboratory instruments was consolidated in an ultramodern production plant.

Execution of an energy audit according to DIN 16247

The BBV Group operates the production of a metal processing plant and a galvanizing plant. These energy-intensive processes have been optimized within the scope of an energy audit.

Warehouse analysis and reorganization

The Altonaer Children’s Hospital (AKK) must always have the right medical equipment available. At the same time, the aim is to keep the stock at a manageable level. GREAN has solved this dilemma.

Future concept for a new location

Sartorius AG intends to evaluate a Finnish site and improve it with a new factory concept. GREAN provided support.

Produktionshalle Innenaufnahme
Factory concept for an extension

Conception of a new factory building with special attention to the optimization of the existing flow of goods and warehouse processes.

Energy management system according to ISO 50001

FM-Plast GmbH produces sealing caps in large quantities. GREAN has carried out an inventory and introduced a systematic energy management.

Biotech Materialeffizienz
Material-efficient production

Sartorius Stedim Biotech develops and manufactures complex membrane products. The goal of the project was to optimize the material usage.

Gebäudemodell Produktion
Reorganisation of the production supply and disposal

Sartorius AG wanted to free the factory premises from logistical traffic. The concept for this was developed by GREAN.

Mitarbeiter auf Fehlersuche
Employee workshop on the search for wasted resources

During a workshop the employees of Buschjost GmbH were systematically trained to save energy during operation.

Transportechnik Förderbänder
Analysis of energy flows

Forbo Siegling GmbH uses a lot of energy in production. GREAN has carried out an inventory of potential for improvement.


Factory planning

New construction on a greenfield site or expansion of existing buildings - we offer you comprehensive advice and sophisticated planning services for a well conceived factory. For us, this includes basic master and factory structure planning as well as support for your project right through to implementation. Whether new or reorganisation planning - we are experts in factory planning.

Process optimization

In many factories, high inventories, long travel, search or lead times are a major cost factor, which at the same time massively reduces production efficiency. This is what we do: Our customers benefit from well-founded, systematic and analytical consulting. In this way, we work with you to increase the efficiency of your production.

Resource efficiency

High and ever increasing material and energy costs are becoming an efficiency problem in many factories. We systematically investigate where potential is lying dormant and then identify meaningful and economical measures for improvement. In this way we increase the material and energy efficiency in your factory - and at the same time reduce your energy bill.

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