Green-field-planning and implementation support

Metal processing

Sartorius Lab Instruments GmbH & Co. KG
(in cooperation with the Leibniz University of Hanover)

Time period
11/2012 to 11/2016

Description of tasks
Project management in the planning of a modern production plant for the manufacture of laboratory instruments

Planning object
2-storey new building with approx. 19,500 m² total area, relocation of approx. 500 employees from the main factory to a new building

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bünemann & collegen

Due to its rapidly growing structures and lack of expansion options, Sartorius decided to abandon the production of laboratory instruments at its historic company headquarters in Goettingen in 2012 and merge it with the already outsourced pre-production in a modern production plant in the Grone industrial park. For this purpose, the development opportunities at the future location were first worked out in 2012 within the scope of a master planning project and the necessary structural prerequisites were created. Subsequently, a future-proof overall concept was drawn up for the new building, taking into account logistical and production-specific design guidelines, and planned in a two-year project. The construction work started in autumn 2014 and was completed in autumn 2016.

GREAN has made a significant contribution to the success of the project. It was not only the expertise and systematic approach that convinced me. But above all the courage to question even seemingly set things. In this way we were able to effectively improve even grown – but inefficient – procedures and processes.

Dr. Volker Große-Heitmeyer (Assembly Manager)

GREAN, in cooperation with the Institute for Factory Systems and Logistics, supported the client throughout the entire project from the green-field-planning of the first draft concept to the complete design of the individual production areas. A major focus was on the design of modern and versatile production and logistics processes. In addition, GREAN took over the project management in close cooperation with the client and provided technical support for the planning by the architect. In addition to planning the move, GREAN will also coordinate the content of the move and accompany the start-up in the new plant until the ridge line is reached.

In detail the following services were provided:

  • Conceptual design and planning of the production, information and communication flows in the building

  • Planning of all production and logistics areas at coarse and fine layout level

  • Development and coordination of planning results with the respective internal user groups

  • Coordination of the different requirements between architecture and process planning

  • Development of a relocation concept and preparation of the relevant planning documents

  • Professional support and coordination of the relocation


Factory planning

New construction on a greenfield site or expansion of existing buildings - we offer you comprehensive advice and sophisticated planning services for a well conceived factory. For us, this includes basic master and factory structure planning as well as support for your project right through to implementation. Whether new or reorganisation planning - we are experts in factory planning.

Process optimization

In many factories, high inventories, long travel, search or lead times are a major cost factor, which at the same time massively reduces production efficiency. This is what we do: Our customers benefit from well-founded, systematic and analytical consulting. In this way, we work with you to increase the efficiency of your production.

Resource efficiency

High and ever increasing material and energy costs are becoming an efficiency problem in many factories. We systematically investigate where potential is lying dormant and then identify meaningful and economical measures for improvement. In this way we increase the material and energy efficiency in your factory - and at the same time reduce your energy bill.

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