New planning of a logistics centre

Medical technology

Time period
12/2015 to 09/2016

Planning object
New building with approx. 3,000 m² total area

In the context of relocating its company headquarters to a new site, the client planned to outsource all logistics activities in parallel to a new central warehouse. Within the scope of an upstream location analysis, a suitable building was first found at a distance of approx. 5 km from the new company headquarters. Subsequently, GREAN GmbH was commissioned with the planning of the future logistics centre as well as the development of a concept for the connection to production.

With extensive professional competence, distinctive sensitivity and the necessary perseverance, the consultants of GREAN GmbH succeeded in resolving initial concerns of the employees regarding the developed processes, so that significant efficiency potentials in the warehouse could be realized.

(Director Operations)

In close cooperation with the client, the first phase of the project involved recording the logistics processes and determining storage capacities and inventory potential. Subsequently, the space requirements were defined and transferred into a layout. Where necessary, the processes were adapted to the new framework conditions. In a further phase, the connection to the new production site was designed and a storage and transport concept was developed. In a final phase, support was provided in planning the move from the old to the new building. The main results were the planning of the warehouse down to workplace level, the definition of processes to be adapted and the conceptual design of the logistical link between the central warehouse and production. Here, a special focus was placed on the improvement of the internal processes through an optimized layout as well as an improvement of the visual transparency in the context of the concrete warehouse design.

In detail, the following services were provided:

  • Recording the ACTUAL situation

  • Analysis of the warehouse data

  • Derivation of inventory and process potentials

  • Definition of the future process flows

  • Development of a storage and container concept

  • Design of a detailed layout under consideration of optimized processes

  • Support in the selection of storage technology

  • Preparation of tender documents

  • Development of a route concept to connect production to the central warehouse

  • Support with the creation of a relocation concept


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