Execution of an energy audit according to DIN 16247

Metal processing

BBV company group

Time period
07/2015 to 12/2015

Planning object
Execution of an energy audit according to DIN 16247

Germany and the European Union have set themselves ambitious targets for increasing energy efficiency. Although a lot of energy is used in production companies in particular, it is often not clear where savings or improvements in energy use are possible. In 2015 the European legal situation was tightened up, so that many companies are now required to carry out an energy audit in accordance with DIN 16247 and to repeat this every four years. The aim of energy audits is to uncover significant energy flows in production in order to enable an assessment of the initial energy situation and, on the basis of this, to develop valuable suggestions for improvement and ideas for change.

The BBV Group has commissioned GREAN as external auditor to carry out the energy audit. The BBV Group has set itself the goal of reducing energy consumption. Sensible, directly implementable and economically advantageous implementation measures are to be derived.

“GREAN has guided us systematically and competently through the auditing process as an external auditor. With their pragmatic approach they developed many ideas in the company which we were able to implement immediately. In addition, many approaches for long-term savings potentials were developed on the basis of the comprehensive analyses – a very convincing approach.”

Lutz Kotlowski (audit manager of the BBV Group)

The employees of GREAN – as officially listed energy auditors – carried out the energy audit together with the employees of the BBV Group. The main services included in particular the search for energy efficiency potentials in production, their quantification, the derivation of an implementation plan and the final documentation in the form of an energy audit report (in accordance with the requirements of EU legislation).

In detail, the following services were provided:

  • Determination of the project framework and coordination of the project procedure within the DIN phases “Introductory contact” and “Kick-off meeting”

  • Preparation of the audit and briefing of those responsible

  • Support with data acquisition

  • Validation of the recorded database and identification of energy efficiency potentials within the scope of the prescribed outdoor operations

  • Analysis and quantification of energy efficiency potentials

  • Development of an implementation plan

  • Preparation of a legally compliant energy audit report

  • Conducting the final meeting


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