Peter Nyhuis | Founder

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil.

The great added value of GREAN is that we are able to create an effective arc for our customers: Starting from well-founded scientific analyses and moving on to proven solutions in implementation – this is a unique combination that is second to none.

Prof. Dr. Peter Nyhuis studied mechanical engineering at the Leibniz University of Hanover and subsequently worked as a research assistant at the Institute for Factory Systems and Logistics. After receiving his doctorate in engineering, he habilitated before working as a manager in the field of supply chain management in the electronics and mechanical engineering industry. Since 2003 he has been head of the Institute for Factory Systems and Logistics at Leibniz University of Hanover. Since 2010 he is also involved with GREAN. 

Prof. Peter Nyhuis is an expert in the planning and design of future-oriented factories. He is a valued expert in several national and international expert committees and editor of many scientific publications.


Factory planning

New construction on a greenfield site or expansion of existing buildings - we offer you comprehensive advice and sophisticated planning services for a well conceived factory. For us, this includes basic master and factory structure planning as well as support for your project right through to implementation. Whether new or reorganisation planning - we are experts in factory planning.

Process optimization

In many factories, high inventories, long travel, search or lead times are a major cost factor, which at the same time massively reduces production efficiency. This is what we do: Our customers benefit from well-founded, systematic and analytical consulting. In this way, we work with you to increase the efficiency of your production.

Resource efficiency

High and ever increasing material and energy costs are becoming an efficiency problem in many factories. We systematically investigate where potential is lying dormant and then identify meaningful and economical measures for improvement. In this way we increase the material and energy efficiency in your factory - and at the same time reduce your energy bill.

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