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Preparation of specifications for the introduction of an ERP system

WISTRO Elektro-Mechanik GmbH is a medium-sized specialist for the development, production and distribution of industrial fans. The main products include external fan units for drive technology, which are used in all areas of industry and commerce. In addition to the original production of fan units, an efficient sheet metal production has been built up in recent years. This allows individual customer requirements to be met in an application-oriented manner. The ERP system, which has been in use for many years, has shown considerable weaknesses in process support and order processing over the years. Moreover, support and sustainability were not ensured due to the dependence on a relatively small supplier. In order to accelerate workflows and processes, improve the flow of information and implement a sustainable system landscape, a preparatory specification should be prepared for the introduction of an ERP system.

„With the help of GREAN, we have comprehensively recorded our current processes. Potential for improvement was systematically worked out and transferred into a structured ERP specification that fully describes our needs and wishes. Finally, GREAN helped us with the final selection of suppliers and systems. So we can say that we are sure that we have chosen the right ERP system for us from a multitude of possible ones."
Sönke Strohmeyer (Managing Director WISTRO Elektro-Mechanik GmbH)

In a first project phase, the current ERP-relevant business processes as well as the IT infrastructure were jointly recorded in workshops and weak points in system support, fields of action and optimization potential were identified. GREAN and WISTRO developed a target process model through structured workshops on the basis of the actual survey. With the key users, the functional requirements for the future ERP system were determined and transferred into a requirement specification. In order to decide on the future ERP system and provider, GREAN first made a pre-selection of suitable providers on the basis of a "matching" (checking the fulfilment of requirements by providers/systems). The final decision was made on the basis of structured supplier workshops and a comparative evaluation of the suppliers' offers.

In detail, the following services were provided, among others:


WISTRO Elektro-Mechanik GmbH
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04/2017 until 10/2017
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