Development and evaluation of a factory concept for an extension

TROESTER stands worldwide for progress, quality and advanced technology in rubber and plastics processing. Since production at the Hanover site is partly carried out in very old buildings, the site should be consolidated. The main focus was on optimizing the flow of goods and storage processes. A concept was to be developed as to how an extension of the production area could be implemented in the existing building stock. In addition to the development of the concept, the main focus was on the economic evaluation of the benefits of the investment in the new production hall.

In a first step, GREAN and TROESTER discussed the basic logistical goals of the factory and transformed them into design features. On this basis, the existing production and assembly steps were analysed and evaluated logistically. This enabled GREAN to come up with specific suggestions for improvements on how the production design of the new factory should be organized. GREAN then developed a new logistics and factory concept. Finally, an evaluation of the investment costs in the new building was carried out, which took into account both the investment costs as well as the operating costs and thus made it possible to compare the planned concept with the existing situation.

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Time period:
11/2014 until 08/2015
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