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Green field planning and project realization

Due to rapidly grown structures and lacking expansion options, Sartorius decided in 2012 to give up its production of laboratory instruments at the historical headquarters in Göttingen, merging it with the pre-production already relocated to the industrial area of Grone into a modern production plant. In 2012, the initial step was to identify in a master planning project the development opportunities at the future location and to meet all structural requirements. The next step towards the realization of a new production site was to develop a sustainable overall concept in consideration of logistic and production-specific design guidelines, which was scheduled as a two-year project. The structural implementation started in autumn 2014.

„GREAN has contributed to the project’s success significantly. The company convinced not only with expert knowledge and its systematic way of working, but also with the courage to question facts which seemed to be fix. By this means, we could even improve grown but inefficient structures and processes effectively.“
(Jürgen Rehwald, Vice President Operations & Metrology)

In cooperation with the Institute of Production Systems and Logistics, GREAN has supported the customer over the entire project duration, from the planning of the first draft concept to the complete design of the individual production areas. The key focus was on the development of adaptable state-of-the-art production and logistic processes. In close coordination with the customer, GREAN also assumed the project planning and provided technical support with respect to the architectural planning. Besides the relocation planning, GREAN will also coordinate the relocation substantively and support the initial phase in the new plant until peak production.

The following services were provided in detail:


Sartorius Lab Instruments GmbH & Co. KG
(in cooperation with Leibniz University Hanover)
time period:
11/2012 until 11/2016
job description:
Project management during the planning of a modern production plant for the production of laboratory instruments
Planning object:
bünemann & collegen
image source:
bünemann & collegen

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