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Material Efficient Production

The customer produces different membranes for the biopharmaceutical market at the Goettingen site. Due to the utilization of individual production facilities and existing value-added losses, the customer initiated in 2014 a project to increase material efficiency in the manufacturing process. The first step was to create transparency about the share of losses and the existing main sources of loss. In a further step, approaches to minimise losses had to be developed and implemented.

„GREAN supported us by optimizing processes and planning the factory. Well-founded, flexible and above all: with full enthusiasm.“
(Dr. Carsten Funk, Director Membrane Production)

Together with the Institute for Factory Facilities and Logistics, GREAN initially recorded the material flows in the area under consideration and visualized the volume flows in the value-added process. The sources of loss in the process were examined in detail and the underlying causes were worked out. Afterwards, potentials were estimated together with the customer, optimization possibilities were worked out and converted into a concrete list of measures.

The following services were provided in detail:


Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH
(in cooperation with Leibniz University Hanover)
Time Period:
1/2013 until 4/2014
Planning Object:
Analysis of material losses and development of recommended actions in the field of membrane production

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