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New planning of a logistics centre

Along with the relocation of his headquarters to a new business location, the customer’s target was the outsourcing of all logistic activities to a new central storage facility. After a preparatory location analysis, an adequate building was found in approx. 5 km distance to the new business headquarters. GREAN GmbH was then assigned to plan the future storage facility and to develop a concept for its direct connection to the production site.

„With comprehensive expert knowledge, keen sense and the essential tenacity, the consulting team of GREAN GmbH succeeded in dispelling our staff’s initial doubts towards the newly developed processes. In the end, considerable efficiency potentials could be realized in the new storage facility.“
(Director Operations)

In the initial phase, we mapped the logistic processes, storage capacities and potentials in close cooperation with the customer. The next step was to define the space requirements and to transfer the results into a new layout. Where necessary, processes were adapted to the new frame conditions. Next, we designed the connection to the new production site and developed a storage and transport concept. In the final phase, we supported our customer with the relocation planning, including storage planning down to workplace level, definition of the processes to be adapted, conceptual design of the logistic connection between central storage facility and production. In this context, the main focus was on improving the internal processes through optimized layout as well as on increasing visual transparency with respect to the specific storage design.

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Medical Technology
time period:
12/2015 until 09/2016
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