Forbo Movement Systems

Analysis of energy flows as the basis for an energy management system

“Rising output figures with reduced energy consumption!“ To reach this target, a project team consisting of staff members of Forbo Siegling GmbH and GREAN analysed energy flows and detected the causes of energy waste. The first thing was to identify the main energy consumers and to measure, analyse and visualize the respective energy flows.

„Apart from novel ideas how to improve production processes, GREAN also has the technical know-how to put them into practice successfully. The most important thing: They involve our staff in the change process.“
(Dr. Neele Neelen, Director Global Project Management)

In this connection and based on “Muda Walks“ through the production, low-budget proposals were developed on how to change production processes and improve equipment in order to lower energy consumption. Moreover, the staff’s awareness of energy efficiency was raised through specific training measures, thus increasing energy awareness in the operative day-to-day business.


Forbo Movement Systems
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Analyse von Energie­strömen als Basis eines Energie­managements
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Forbo Movement Systems

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