Seeing means understanding.


More efficient production is possible if employees do not only see it as a workplace, but also as the home of their professional realization. In order to develop this sense of responsibility, we have developed learning films. In this, employees are sensitized and motivated to participate. As in the example shown here, you can search for wasted resources and energy in a practical way. A second film makes suggestions for improvements.

"Energy management in industrial production"- search movie (DE)

The movie shows a typical daily routine in a production. Production processes and sequences are illustrated in several scenes. And again and again, wasted resources are hidden - in terms of energy, material or in the process flow.

"Energy management in industrial production"- solution movie (DE)

This film shows the already known daily routine. This time, suggestions will be made on how to make the use of production resources more efficient. So that energy, materials and processes can be used sensibly and waste can be reduced.

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