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Production Design

In many factories, efficiency is hampered by cost factors such as high inventories, long transit and throughput times. We provide remedies: competent consulting services in production planning and control as well as comprehensive production controlling. The result: performance improvements of the customers’ internal logistic processes by up to 40% and simultaneous cost reduction by up to 30%. Production design is realized using KPI systems, production-related logistic models and risk-benefit analyses based on scientifically sound expertise. To make sure that staff members really adopt the new processes, we also develop tailored qualification offers.

Exemplary consulting services:
Stock Analysis
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    Having the right quantity in stock at the right time - that's the simple task of inventory management. But the reality is usually quite different: Out-of-stock despite increased stocks!
    We will show you where the greatest potential for inventory reduction lies. This will not only increase transparency but also free up liquidity. Here we go.
  • Further information:
    GreanCheck: Inventory Potentials (PDF | 165 KB)
Production Analysis
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    Do you always keep your promises? Clearly - all companies want to deliver on time and in the right quantity. But many of them run into problems, because on-time delivery, capacity utilization or throughput times are often not in line with targets or even unknown. Transparency is the only way to improve logistical performance in the long term. We will show you how to do this. We promise.
  • Further information:
    GreanCheck: Production Analysis (PDF | 165 KB)
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