Resource Efficiency

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Simply making production more efficient.

Ressource Efficiency

We believe that we can make difficult things simple. Even a complex challenge like efficiency increase in production industry. Essentially, two things are needed: theoretical know-how and practical skills.

GREAN offers both: For more than ten years, we have been carrying out scientifically sound analyses in the production sector, developing elaborate strategies and realizing their practical implementation. In more than 100 customer projects – on behalf of big concerns and SMEs of the German and European industry – we could increase material and energy efficiency with respect to organizational structures and technology. Moreover, we support companies when introducing energy management systems like ISO 50001. In addition, we conduct energy audits in accordance with DIN 16247-1.

In short: GREAN increases efficiency and thus competitiveness and sustainability of your company. Quite simple actually, isn’t it?

Exemplary consulting services:
Energy Analysis
  • Our offer
    Do you produce energy-efficient? Do you know how much energy is being used in your company? Do you know if and with which kind of investment this effort could be reduced? Excellent, you are well prepared! However, if you are not quite sure, please contact us: We will bring transparency to your energy flows and show you where you can save a lot of money.
  • Further Information:
    Grean.Check: Energy Analysis (PDF | 136 KB)
Development of Energy Management Systems
  • Our offer
    Saving energy is part of a modern production process. Only those who manufacture in cost-efficient structures can operate successfully on the market. Energy management systems are suitable for the consistent monitoring of energy consumption. This helps to structure the way in which energy is used and helps to systematically identify improvement potentials. We build up all common systems with you.
  • Further Information:
    Development of Energy Management Systems (PDF | 135 KB)
Exemplary Qualification Offers:
Energy Management Seminar
  • Our offer
    Are you working on energy efficiency topics in your company or do you like to introduce an energy management system? But you don't know how? Then this seminar will help you to solve the problem: We will explain the basics as well as existing methods for the strategic introduction and operative implementation of energy management systems according to ISO 50001.
  • Concept
    This seminar addresses employees of manufacturing companies in general cargo and process industries who want to implement an energy management system according to ISO 50001 in their own company. The seminar explains the fundamental importance of energy efficiency as well as the procedure for the introduction of an energy management system. In addition, participants will be introduced to the implementation of an operational energy management system using practical examples and exercises.
  • Outcome
    Participants learn how to introduce an energy management system and can initiate the implementation in their own company.
  • Further Information:
    Energy Management Seminar (PDF | 135 KB)
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